Why Is It So Expensive?

The BOM; Best & Finest!

My fantasy is I’m making this motorcycle for my grandfather who loves motorcycles more than anything else and whom I love with all of my heart. Additive to this dream is that I have all the necessary time, money, experience, talent, bandwidth, and teammate access to do the job to perfection. From this vantage point, I can and will make the best and finest.

There is a challenge. What can’t be measured with numbers never will be. A cute way to say that in such an environment you will not hit your numbers. We never will. We are not about the numbers. We are all-in on the best and finest it is possible to create at the time each Curtiss One is handcrafted.

Why is it so expensive?

“The real reason we got into the business.”

No one makes an LEV for the woman or man who will have only the best and finest. This makes it a no-brainer; an organic monopoly for which we are the very best team in the world to fill.

When our idea for making the best and finest began percolating back in the late 1980s, the complication was the same. Highly accomplished folks began to feel the temptation for the ride. Many yielded. The best motorcycle was perceived to be a Harley-Davidson. At best, they were equivalent to an acceptable pick-up truck. By no means did it meet or exceed the high level of elegance and sophistication the typical luxury buyer was used to. It is this gap for the LEV that the Curtiss One fills. We feel confident that not only will the One meet expectations, but that each will be the most treasured and exotic heirloom our clients will ever own.

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