The Ride

The purest ride possible. Quiet, smooth, comfortable and precise, and free of distractions. Curtiss One is an experience that is unlike any motorcycle you’ve ridden.

No shifting, no clutch. Curtiss One offers a direct connection between your wrist and a bottomless reserve of instantaneous torque. The Curtiss Centered Power Axis and concentric belt direct final drive means nothing stands between your wrist and the flexible, precise power available from the axial flux motor. The flat torque curve offers instant acceleration at any speed without shifting and without any driveline shunt. The ability to precisely command liquid-smooth power with a single input from the wrist needs to be experienced to be believed.

No distractions. No noise, no vibration, no heat, no harshness. Curtiss One takes refinement to a new level, offering an experience that allows you to focus on the ride rather than the idiosyncrasies of the machine. Experience fatigue-free, comfortable riding that allows you to absorb the nuance of the road and the environment.

Suspension that works. Smooth, controlled suspension action with comfortable springing and damping tailored for real roads, with fully adjustable geometry to allow you to alter the riding experience to your tastes. Reject the influences of the race track to experience control and comfort that only a long-travel suspension with precision trail-value calculated geometry developed for the real world can offer.

Lightest possible weight. 425 pounds, ready to ride. Curtiss One is a high-performance electric motorcycle that is 100 pounds lighter than any comparable machine, with the center of gravity kept low and perfectly centralized by the Curtiss Power Pak and Centered Power Axis. The dividends paid by reducing the weight are endless: better handling, better performance, easier maneuvering – Curtiss One is lithe and nimble in a way no other electric motorcycle can match.

Slim, low, perfectly proportioned and designed around the rider. With the proliferation of wide, tall and heavy motorcycles in the last 30 years it’s easy to forget the pleasure of riding a slender, light weight, perfectly balanced machine. Inspired by the golden age proportions and natural ergonomics of mid-20th century motorcycling, Curtiss One is narrower and lower than any comparable machine – a mere (X) inches wide, with a seat height that can be varied between 27 and 29 inches. Footpeg position and handlebar angle are also adjustable to tailor the seating position for supreme comfort and control.

Curtiss One offers experienced riders the opportunity to relearn their skills aboard a machine of unparalleled refinement and control, or a chance for new riders to introduce themselves to the pleasures of motorcycling aboard a motorcycle that combines poise with remarkable ease of use. Renew yourself and experience sublime motoring aboard the finest machine we have ever produced; Curtiss’ dream is your dream.

Enjoy the pleasure of short, intense experiences on the roads of your life, free of distractions aboard a machine that will encourage you to seek the journey, not the destination. Curtiss One offers an experience unlike any other for new and seasoned riders alike.