the Opposite of Death

Imagine you own the most romantic machine. It is overbuilt to last forever. It is infinitely upgradeable. It is virtually maintenance free. It is more fun to own and ride than any other. You may avail yourself of it anytime, anywhere, for any reason with zero disturbance to humanity or our environment. It is a work of art standing for your terrifyingly free existence while reminding you to be your best. This was our brief for Curtiss One. It illuminates, clarifies, nurtures and optimizes your dreams.

Our dream is your dream.

The future of motorcycling is the opposite of death; organic, clean and cool. Less
is more. Design is timeless; proportion ideal. Innocence and beauty follow. Inspired innovation and technology occur. Holistic, hand-made quality results. The purest ride flows.

Curtiss formed to bring closure to over 100 years of processed, dirty, hot, “more is never enough”, unsustainable, high maintenance, planned obsolescence. Our 180° turn is better in every way.

Sixty years ago Honda motorcycles ruled. Thirty years ago Harley took over. Let’s make the next 30 years (and beyond) sustainable for all humanity at the highest level.

Curtiss One Design, Pt. 1: Innovation