The Curtiss Way

Like millions of motorcyclists across the globe, two wheels and a sense of solitude and freedom have captivated me since age six. Bicycles, mini-bikes, Cushman scooters, choppers, cruisers, crotch rockets, dirt bikes, and pretty-much anything that moves. Fifty-seven years fast forward, I have owned, ridden, and enjoyed a broad assortment of motorcycle models and brands. Most have touched my spirit in one way or another, and many have moved my soul as only two wheels and a motor can, but only one special bike and one small, stand-alone company has ever given me a greater clarity into who I am, and a full awareness of the finer qualities in a motorcycle and the almost Zen-like experience that riding such a bike brings. To this I credit Matt Chambers and the team assembled at Curtiss, whom I have known, trusted, and respected for more than twenty years. I doubt I am alone, for as every owner would know and any critic attest, nobody pushes the boundaries of motorcycle design quite like Curtiss. The generation I and II Fighters, the generation I, II and III Hellcats, and Wraith. All iconic and recognized the world over. Each coveted, and a ride like no other. Same with the Curtiss One, though even more so. I say this because a thirty-year history of success, 1991 to present, is bound to lead to something good, something even better, and I have seen the Curtiss One up close, ridden it, and it is good, it is better. Not simply good but great, and not just better but genius. A masterfully crafted protege, cut from the same magnificent cloth as its predecessor siblings, though with a beauty and a silence distinguishingly its own.

The Curtiss One retains all the appeal and functionality of a conventional motorcycle, but it loses the noise and the unrelenting demand for owner and operator attention. This makes the bike easier to access, and when static or in motion the bike is quiet and simple to operate, which frees-up all your God-given faculties and senses. Logically, there is greater rider alertness as mental distractions and physical preoccupations are minimized, awareness and appreciation of your surroundings maximized, and overall pleasure enhanced.

So, will this new and transformative next generation motorcycle, the battery-electric Curtiss One, be the mythical key that fully unlocks that magical sense of solitude and freedom that we have chased since youth? The team at Curtiss believes so. So much, that they have doubled down and risked it all to prove it. Naturally, of course, it is the Curtiss way.

The Ride
Curtiss One Design, PT. 4: Color & Texture