Proportion – Part 2

Oh, the 19’s! We are so happy to have these big, effective, sticky, skinny wheels and tires. It is so lucky that they both were made available for Curtiss by Dunlop at such a critical creative time for our team.

Our old-tech stuff was typical in terms of peg to peg width. All the moving bits and bobs have to go somewhere. The gears, the flywheels, the crankshaft, the clutch system, et al; it is all big and stacked and adds up to unwanted width.

Not for the first principle originalist-inspired Curtiss One. We were able to narrow the peg position by 9 inches, a full 50% closer than before possible. This feature creates wonderful rider advantages. Clearance, lean angle, comfort, ease of fitment and control are all vastly improved.

Man-machine synergy and aesthetics harmonize like never before. The result is greater confidence and sheer riding pleasure.

Proportion – Part 1
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