For over 7 years, Glenn H. Curtiss has served as our ideal muse.

He has inspired our best innovation, our most advanced state of the art design and our finest handmade craftsmanship.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

~ Steve Jobs

Our work has imagined the creation of ultimate dream machines for our clientele, each made to order, built to last for generations.


SLC is the best solution possible for motorcycle construction. It has three components:

  • BACKBONE – The backbone of the SLC is the Curtiss Hex Pack, perfectly aligning the neck
    and Centered Power Axis.
  • FUSELAGE – The fuselage is made up of two machined billet aluminum chassis plates. In addition to providing fatigue and flex resistance, the fuselage plates help regulate heat and increase powertrain efficiency.
  • BULKHEADS – There are three primary bulkheads: the steering neck (which is also Curtiss 1’s coolant reservoir), the machined grill and the HVAF (High Voltage Axial Flux) motor.

SLC is 100% flex-free and fatigue-free. It is designed and engineered to last forever and is our spearhead to true sustainability. Its aircraft-inspired origin is completely contextual with our brand. It is entirely 5-axis machined from solid billet making perfect Curtiss chassis alignment repeatable. Importantly, our SLC modular architecture facilitates expression of diverse portfolio design in a better way.


Our patent-pending CPA (Centered Power Axis) uses the strongest part of the motorcycle, its’ massive splined hard-steel shaft, to perform two key functions:

    • To serve as the drive shaft of the powerful electric drivetrain (adding outboard-bearing support surface area), and,
    • to serve as the swingarm pivot.

CPA eliminates weak conventional stub-axle swingarm pivot design, providing strength and longevity to Curtiss motorcycles. CPA’s Axis Balanced Innovation allows the motor to be placed directly on the vertical plane of the rider and facilitates the rear suspension to pivot coaxially at this centered point. This proprietary system provides the most balanced operation ever created on two wheels, which enhances rider confidence and motorcycle fidelity.


CHP (Curtiss Hex Pack) is another first-of-its-kind innovation.

Non-conductive coolant is contained in a proprietary, sealed aluminum vessel. The coolant is circulated under pressure from rear to front through the CHP, comes into direct contact with each individual cell, absorbs heat, and transfers it to the exterior of the vessel where it radiates. Our unique heat-sinking chassis provides additional thermal management.

The CHP vessel is truly modular. As battery technology improves, cells can be
upgraded, always ensuring Curtiss motorcycles are at the cutting-edge of battery efficiency and power.


Curtiss front and rear multi-link suspension is designed to offer the rider fully
adjustable rake and trail, wheelbase, swingarm angle, seat height and ride height.

These systems allow the rider to set the geometry of the motorcycle according to his or her desires relative to aesthetics, stance, ergonomics, handling, stability and riding style.

Curtiss footpeg location is designed for easy adjustability to satisfy every ergonomic preference.

The result is ultimate man-machine interface.


A Curtiss motorcycle is the only motorcycle our client will ever need.

“Less, but better”

~ Dieter Rams

The only moving part in its powertrain is the CPA itself, a far over- specified, keyed 39mm hard-steel shaft that is designed for absolute flex resistance while running in an exceedingly cool and multiple-bearing supported environment. The superiority of its fully-machined SLC architectural monocoque creates the value of longer life expectancy because it is perfectly accurate and precise by process.

The Curtiss immersion-cooled powertrain is the most power dense ever created, is the most efficient and the most capable of delivering extreme torque under minimum stress. Each Curtiss is designed to allow for ease of updating the battery to keep pace with the latest technology and cloud-based downloading of all new application software.

Old CHP technology is designed to be beautifully repurposed for home use.

Noise, vibration, shunt, harshness, abrupt inconsistent clutch operation, clunky shifting, intense heat, excessive maintenance and poor reliability are all eliminated. The Curtiss ride is akin to flying a magic carpet. At the highest level, Curtiss superior innovation and advanced design elevates our best and finest work to heirloom status.