Curtiss One Design, PT. 5: Quality

Curtiss One leverages the experience and craftsmanship of the leaders in battery electric technology. The Axial Flux motor is the most power-dense available. Liquid-cooled and structurally mounted, its potential for high power output is under-stressed in our system. Coupled with the light weight of the overall package, we have chosen longevity and roll-on torque over outright acceleration.

Ultra-light weight carbon composite wheels in 19-inch front and rear, have a smoothing effect over road imperfections shod with soft all-terrain tires provide better grip over loose surfaces, especially in urban areas.

The lightweight Beringer 4D Brake System delivers 20% power gain over traditional 320mm cast iron braking systems, and 3-times less gyroscopic inertia, offering significant safety and maneuverability improvements.

Our Cascadia Motion controller sacrifices no programmable abilities for its size and weight, the most compact controller of its kind available.

All of our proprietary machined and composite parts are designed with simple geometry allowing for a focus on the quality of each part, not the complexity.

Curtiss One Design, PT. 4: Color & Texture
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