Curtiss (CMOT) Celebrates LiveWire (LVW) Valuation of 1.7 Billion USD

LiveWire (LVW) Valued at 1.7 Billion USD

Blackberry, Nokia, Apple, et al; Buick, Oldsmobile, Tatra, Cadillac, Renault, et al: generally speaking it is hard to pick the leader early on at a transformative disruptive point.
Specifically concerning CMOT (Curtiss Motorcycle Co.) common, there are tells.

Start with the Curtiss brand and the Curtiss team. Transformative disruption is a function of innovation and advancing state-of-the-art design. There always exists contrarian rebel superabundant creative energy lurking behind leadership at such momentous times. This ideally describes us and the meaning of the Curtiss marque. On July 8, 2020, we shared our company deck, themed “The Opposite of Death… DESIRE”, with the team at Harley-Davidson.

In a press release on May 10, 2021, Harley-Davidson Chairman and CEO, Jochen Zeitz, said:

“…by launching LiveWire as an all-electric brand, we are seizing the opportunity to lead and define the market in EV. With the mission to be the most desirable electric motorcycle brand in the world, LiveWire will pioneer the future of motorcycling….”

Great minds think alike.

Next up is the most important aspect of leadership: the work itself.

The Curtiss 1 First Pilot Series run of 300 pieces represents a sea change in two-wheeled motoring like never before. The Curtiss weighs 33+% less, has twice the power, ideal balance and superior American road bike presence and feel relative to the LiveWire piece.

Curtiss formed to create harmonious, beautiful proportion and balance. We are confident in the result.

Thirdly, early in the transformative disruptive phase it is the person of substance who adapts first.

Our experience, scalability, cost structure and business model perfectly suit the reality of our market. Their plan is to lose a huge bucket of your money trying to buy in/phone-in leadership. Our plan and execution, from seven years ago, has made us the leader.

Going forward, our plan optimizes your investment ROI, earning growing sustainable cash flow from initial production. On or about 2030, when we have grown the market for LEV Luxury and created substantive awareness about the superiority of Curtiss, we will have a unique portfolio sister brand that delivers on the promise of ideal puristic utilitarianism. Stated by analogy, there will exist a BMW / Hercules by Curtiss to go with the Rolls Royce / Curtiss.

The bottom line is CMOT common is an extraordinary buy and hold opportunity.

We have proven to be firmly persistent. We have established leadership in our field of endeavor. Universal harmony (i.e. a fair market valuation) awaits.

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