Context 1.0

I treasure the wisdom of Ray Dalio’s recent book, Principles, particularly his concise children’s edition, which I have mandated my wonderful grandchildren read, consider and fully digest, mentally. Mr. Dalio deals with the context of your life; the synchronicity of what you love and what you actually are, i.e., the truth concerning purpose.

Curtiss believes your motorcycle makes you. Silly enough, but whatever you can surround yourself with that illuminates, informs and clarifies your uniqueness is certainly to be treasured. Pursuant to the above referenced belief is the knowledge that your most treasured heirloom will itself be comfortable in its own skin. It’s not enough that the Curtiss One be beautiful and dynamically superior. Is it true to its context, thusly confident and 100% honest?

This form of logic is deemed most critical at Curtiss. Primal romantic desire at its core is confidence-driven. This explains why the most beautiful of our species rarely are the most physically attractive. We learn this early on; the guys and gals that are the most likeable have an extra something. I refer you back to Dalio and his theory of love/truth synchronized context.

Dwelling on this topic is a life long fascination for me. I learned to read, absorbing car company insignia, design, dynamic data and narrative and how all of that fused into brand. This journey began in 1959 at the library next to my Mema’s in Mountain Home, Arkansas where I discovered a book of logos, cars and brief descriptions of that marriage.

As we move to our LEV future, this idealized mating is fundamental and critical to evermore desire, the root to our better way new age. The success of The One by Curtiss 2.0, our first salvo in a long-term sustainable impassioned effort to restore the Curtiss brand as America’s forevermore number 1 motorcycle/LEV enterprise, depends most of all on whether or not it is honest.

You will decide the fate of Curtiss based upon your answer to this fundamental query.

Some influencers follow. When I began my incredibly fortuitous journey into this mystic/mythic brand/machine forever bond it was to interpret the greatest motorcycle powertrain ever invented in a better way. That powertrain was invented by Glenn Hammond Curtiss. Every model of our portofolio was an homage to avionics, the field to which Glenn is the greatest contributor. When I was no longer impassioned by the old technology, feeling that we had done our best to make the ultimate capstone to the end of that era, I was depressingly without inspiration. Then Curtiss reappeared. Innovation and new highest technology applied with our experience advancing the state of design art suddenly became contextual in my mind. As Curtiss, our enterprise was reborn, reinvigorated and renewed. The “sky” was the limit. Since that commitment, we have had nothing but good luck. Most importantly, every time I have been blocked from the linear glide path, a new better way has opened, almost as if Glenn himself were fueling our success.

The 1957 Chrysler 300. A great design released to early and deemed a flop due to it’s sub-par quality.

We claim The One is the perfect launch vehicle, at the perfect time, in the perfect market. If it’s the truest, best and finest Curtiss 2.0 is capable of, then we are right.

One thing I know is true. Our team loves serving our client base and yearns to create a better way through forever sustainable true luxury motoring at the highest level.

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