Art to be Seen On

The finest materials, the finest components, zero compromises. Curtiss One is built to last forever and express the vision of our designers without any regard for cost cutting. Curtiss One is an heirloom quality machine that defies the standards for a production motorcycle, offering the finest, most beautiful craftsmanship possible wrapped around cutting edge electric technology.

Milled from solid billet 7075 aluminum, flawless carbon fibre, hand-applied paint, and bespoke touches down to the smallest detail. Every Curtiss One is hand assembled and finished to the highest standards, a level of quality and beauty in every detail that needs to be seen to be believed.

Let’s use a single component to illustrate the level of craftsmanship you’ll find throughout Curtiss One: the side stand.

Normally the most mundane of functional components on a motorcycle, the side stand is more often than not a cheap steel or alloy casting with an off-the-shelf external spring to retract it. That’s what you’d expect on even a relatively expensive machine. It’s simply a boring part that performs a basic function with little consideration for appearance.

Not so on the One. The side stand is a work of art in its own right, assembled from billet aluminum and designed to be modular, adjustable, and a pleasure to look at. And, of course, function as intended.

A threaded shaft allows the length to be adjusted to suit the various suspension configurations that vary the ride height of Curtiss One. A ball joint at the end of the shaft engages with a swiveling base to automatically level the foot at different angles or on uneven surfaces. A coil-over spring around the diameter of the stand applies pressure to a cam surface which locks the stand into the extended and retracted positions.

Why apply all that design on a single component? Well, we didn’t. The side stand mechanism is used three times on Curtiss One – the side stand itself, and the two struts supporting the center stand. All three are identical, interchangeable components.

The most mundane items can become works of mechanical art if you allow the designer freedom to execute a vision without compromise. Curtiss One is built from the hardware up to be as beautiful and intricate as a fine mechanical watch. Anything that contributes to the functional beauty of the One is included, without any consideration of cost. Curtiss One is pure mechanical art down to the smallest detail.

This artistry contributes to the purest, most luxurious ride we could create – everything has a purpose and nothing is included that doesn’t contribute to the function of Curtiss One. We didn’t build a static art piece in the form of a motorcycle – we built a work of art motorcycle that is designed to be ridden every day.

Curtiss One Design, Pt. 2: Suspension
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